What is Strategic Planning?

A strategic plan is a document developed by your club which outlines your goals and objectives, and sets the actions required to meet those goals.

While it’s a reflection of your past, you plan should be focused on shaping your club for the future, and sets up where you wish to be.

Your plan should guide your decision making from now until the completion of your plan. Obviously, things may change course over the journey, but the plan should form the backbone of what you are trying to achieve.

Why Should Your Club Have One?

Developing a strategic plan can be a valuable process for your club to undertake for the future growth of your club, ensuring that future decisions are made with the clubs’ best interests in mind. Strategic planning is vital for sporting clubs and their future growth, improvement and existence.

Strategic planning for sports clubs covers all aspects of the club, not just participation and success on field. A good strategic plan covers topics such as:

  • Club Governance
  • Infrastructure Development 
  • Financial Sustainability 
  • Facility Management
  • Participation
  • Marketing

Strategic Planning With Valley Sport

Valley Sport understands the demands community sport places on volunteers, and our unique position within regional sport leaves us in the best position to achieve positive outcomes. 

Our team will guide you through the process of developing your strategic plan, covering a range of topics. Our process is collaborative, with open discussion from both sides forming the basis of your plan. We will outline actions and assign the relevant persons to each goal or outcome, ensuring that the plan is easy for your club to implement.

Following the presentation of your plan, Valley Sport can provide further support and resources for implementation of your plan upon request, and we will provide ongoing support.

Start The Process

If strategic planning is something your club wishes to begin exploring or is interested in finding out more, please reach out to our club support team to discuss your needs and request a quote.

Email: clubsupport@valleysport.net.au

Phone: (03) 5831 8456

Introductory Strategic Planning Workshop

The Valley Sport team ran an online introductory Strategic Planning Workshop for clubs in our area, highlighting how clubs can benefit from having a plan, and gave the introductory steps for clubs to be able to develop their own plans.  

If you would like to view the recording, please complete a quick pre-workshop survey below and the recording will be emailed to you.

Funding Your Plan

Should you wish to proceed with developing a plan with Valley Sport, there are options available to help clubs fund their plans.

Sport and Recreation Victoria’s Sporting Club Grants are available for clubs to fund plans, under Category 3: Operational Capacity. There are usually multiple rounds of this grant available each year.

Your Local Government may also provide funding for Strategic Planning, so talk to your Council’s sport and/or recreation officers to find out how Council may be able to assist you.

Valley Sport also has subsidies available for clubs who opt to pay out of pocket. If this is an option for your club, please contact us for further information.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter which provides information regarding grants that are open.