As part of supporting the community, Council is providing COVID Response Community grants of up to $5,000 to assist organisations and groups to address the impacts of COVID-19 within Strathbogie Shire Council. 


The following types of activities will be prioritised for funding: 

  • New one-off programs or activities that strengthen the Strathbogie Shire community in response to the impact of COVID-19 and;
    • aim to increase social connection and reduce social isolation, promote healthy relationships or improve social, physical and mental health during COVID-19 restrictions.
    • promote kindness and support for fellow community members
    • Increase the capacity of community to engage in the online environment such as training and development to use platforms like Zoom, Microsoft teams, phone film making to create and share stories etc. 
  • The adaptation of existing services, programs or activities so they can sustain their operations or support operational changes to meet public health directives.
    • Technology equipment (iPad, laptops, monitors, keyboards, internet dongles, mobile handsets) 
    • Signage about requirements/safety
    • Equipment to assist with maintaining physical distancing or reducing the need to share equipment
  • The implementation of activities outlined in COVID Safe Plans
    • buying cleaning and sanitising products
    • Portable or detachable sanitisers
    • Portable hand wash stations
    • Portable or detachable perspex screens
    • Personal Protective Equipment

Eligibility criteria and conditions of funding  

To be eligible for a COVID Response Community Grant, your organisation must:

  • Provide direct benefits to residents of the Strathbogie Shire (local organisations are prioritised)
  • Be not-for-profit, as classified by the Australian Tax Office in the Income Tax Assessment Act (1936) 
  • Be a registered legally constituted entity (e.g. a co-operative, incorporated association or company limited by guarantee) or have an auspice 
  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN), or complete a Statement by Supplier form, or hold an exemption from registration 
  • Have a committee of management that accepts responsibility for the administration of the grant
  • Hold an adequate public liability insurance policy to cover the staff, members and the general public, as appropriate
  • Not have its own grant giving program or fundraising program that provides money to finance another organisation’s community initiatives
  • Have satisfactorily accounted to Council for the expenditure of any previous Council grants if received 
  • Comply with all other relevant Australian and Victorian legislation, including: accounting and auditing requirements; equal opportunity and anti-discrimination laws; human rights laws; privacy, confidentiality and freedom of information laws; registration or accreditation of professional employees; and preparation and dissemination of annual reports 
  • Have an adequate risk management plan in place (as required).


  • Individuals and private profit-making organisations 
  • Applications from groups or organisations that have an operating budget over $1 million annually (organisations acting as an auspice and neighbourhood houses are exempt from this rule) • Professional fees (e.g. labour, salary, wages) and administration costs (e.g. phone calls, correspondence, stationery) 
  • Applications from organisations or groups that own or operate poker machines, explicitly promote sports betting, or meet in venues that promote gaming
  • Funding requests that Council considers are the funding responsibility of other levels of government 
  • Applications from primary or secondary schools (Council encourages partnerships between schools and community organisations, but the community organisation must be the applicant) 
  • Applications from registered political parties 
  • Religious projects or activities run by (or involvement with) religious groups seeking to promote their spiritual beliefs
  • Projects that seek to lobby the local, state or federal governments about laws, policies, practices or decisions of governments
  • Projects or activities that have already started or have been completed (no retrospective funding) except for applications to adapt projects or activities so they can continue to operate under COVID-19 restrictions 
  • Funding of competitions, prizes, sponsorships, donations or gifts 
  • New building works, capital improvements, facility maintenance or fixed assets (e.g. air conditioners, shade sails, cubby houses and sheds)
  • Projects that have been or are being funded by other parts of Council
  • Operational expenses such as insurance and rental subsidies 
  • Interstate or overseas travel.

Closes: 11:59pm 18th January 2021 

For guidelines and more information about the COVID Response Community Grant, or to apply online, click here

If you have any questions or would like assistance with your application, please contact (03) 5831 8456 or clubsupport@valleysport.net.au