The Emergency  Sporting Equipment Grant helps local sport and active recreation clubs and organisations replace essential sports equipment that has been lost or destroyed as a consequence of unpreventable and exceptional events such as fire, flood, significant storms, theft or criminal damage.

Grants are available towards the replacement cost of essential equipment owned by the club or organisation.

Essential equipment is:

  • equipment that is required for ongoing participation in an activity that is transferable to other participants and remains the property of the club/organisation (for example, bats, match balls, helmets, equestrian jumps, racquets, gymnastic mats, team equipment kits, gloves and badminton nets)
  • injury prevention equipment that is transferable (for example, goal post padding, batting pads, gloves, goalie gear, helmets, catcher’s gear)
  • first aid equipment which is necessary for immediate attention to injury that may occur during participation in sport or recreation.

Funding Available

A maximum grant of up to $1000 (excluding GST) will be provided to successful applicants to go towards the replacement or repair cost of the lost or damaged equipment.


Before you apply for this grant, you must obtain:

  • a police report for all incidents involving theft or criminal damage
  • quote/s which correspond to the equipment requested for funding
  • if already purchased – proof of payment including receipts, bank statements and invoices
  • evidence of the incident and the equipment that has been lost or destroyed

How to Apply

For more information, guidelines and to apply please click here.

Applications close 31st May 2024.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with your application, please contact (03) 5831 8456 or clubsupport@valleysport.net.au