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This April, why not get involved in the Premier’s Active April as a virtual team? Most of us find that it’s easier to feel motivated to get moving when we do it as part of a team. Why not go virtual?
Active April has different options for forming virtual teams, each with their own challenges. So get your friends and family online today!

Join the Valley Sport Active April team:
Step 1 – Visit https://app.activeapril.vic.gov.au/register

Step 2 – Join the Valley Sport team – Team ID: valley-sport

Step 3 – Start logging your activity minutes!

Find out more here: https://www.activeapril.vic.gov.au/teams/
#ActiveApril #MoveMore #GetActiveGV

Need some inspiration to keep moving at home? The Premier’s Active April Get Active Workout videos and activity timer are a simple way to move and track your activity. Click here: https://www.activeapril.vic.gov.au/workouts/
#ActiveApril #MoveMore #GetActiveGV

Premier’s Active April is keeping on going this year to help Victorians continue to get their 30 minutes a day of physical activity while stay at home restrictions remain in place.


To find out more, please click here


#ActiveApril #MoveMore #GetActiveGV

Keeping active in your own home?
Try this 10 minute Total Body HIIT Workout

Backyard ball drills to keep your netball skills up!
Please remember – passer to be within your family or household

So far 1 in 5 Victorian women have been inspired to get active because of This Girl Can VIC campaign #ThisGirlCanVIC #VicHealth

Now is a great time to try something new or practice your dance moves in the comfort of your own home!
Join This Girl Can VIC’s ambassador Jagriti for 30 minutes of movement you can do from home. It’s fun and perfect for beginners. 

🏀 HomeCourt
Track your shots, train in new ways, develop your skills and drills, get real time feedback, learn from pro athletes, compete in challenges and showcase your potential!
All features within the app are free through the end of April! #stayinthegame

At Home Workouts –

The Aquamoves Lakeside Shepparton Fitness Instructors are here to keep you active with their series of free “at home” workouts and fitness tips.

To choose from the range of videos, please click here:

Baseball Victoria is pleased to announce the launch of BV TV, the new Baseball Victoria YouTube channel.

Videos will be released several times a week and will feature plenty of training videos and exciting baseball content, not only from Victoria but across Australia and even the globe.

Click here to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBokqd76KwklEeHWgqSQSRg


Perfect shots into a cup, tableton or hard core thrashes over the fence…

📸📹 Film or photograph your Badminton activity at home
🙏👉 Tag Badminton Victoria on Facebook and #StayAtHomeChallenge (or send it to them via admin@badmintonvic.com.au) 🏠🏸⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
👋💪 Tag a mate to challenge and join in on all the fun! 😉⠀⠀

Check out the Badminton Victoria Facebook page for examples!

⚽️Skills Hub for Players –

Progress through the varying difficulty levels of core football skills.

Master these skills or create your own… https://www.playfootball.com.au/skills-hub/players

The NSW Office of Sport has created a page full of ways to safely exercise in and around your home!

For activities to help keep you and your family active, please click here: https://sport.nsw.gov.au/stayingactive

An initiative of VicHealth & Gymnastics Victoria: Move My Way

A physical activity program that gives you the option to choose when and where you move!

Move My Way gives you confidence and the opportunity to learn basic movements to improve your wellbeing anywhere, anytime. https://movemyway.com.au/

🏊“Choose to control the things you can control… How you will react to challenges and obstacles” – Mildura Swimming Club

To check out DRYLAND CHALLENGES & PROGRAMS visit: http://www.milduraswimmingclub.com/dryland-resources.html

🧒 Choose how to find your child’s 30 minutes of physical activity at home. Tiny Trainers have lots of ways to help – Visit: https://www.sportaus.gov.au/findyour30/challenge


Want to complete an engaging and easy to follow routine?

10-Today is a set of fun 10-minute, audio and video workouts that have been designed by and for older people to keep physically active, boost wellbeing, and help maintain mobility and balance, during what may be a difficult and lonely time for many.

Tune into 10-Today online to listen or watch the videos:


Plus here are some sitting exercises that can be done at home to help improve mobility and prevent falls: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/sitting-exercises/

International Dance Day!

Simply put your favourite song on, bust out your dance moves & post a video. Tag @SpecialOlympics, @AAA Play and use #InternationalDanceDay and #InclusiveHealth to join the fun.

#ActiveApril #MoveMore #GetActiveGV

Found yourself walking or cycling more during coronavirus? Read the VicHealth advice for getting back into walking or cycling for the first time in a while.

#MoveMore #GetActiveGV

While we continue to stay home, it’s more important than ever for our physical and mental wellbeing to keep active. You might be missing your regular activities with friends or playing sports but here’s some inspiration and a list of great resources for people with a disability to keep active:

Disability Sports Australia

Sport Australia Sports Ability

Special Olympics App, Sprout


#MoveMore #GetActiveGV

The World Health Organisation has encouraged Older Adults to follow some of these steps to keep healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Keep to your regular routine as much as possible and maintain a daily schedule for yourself including sleeping, meals, exercise and activities.
2. Stay socially connected. Use the telephone, video-calls or messaging.
3. Be physically active every day. Reduce long periods of sitting and set up a daily routine that includes at least 30 minutes of exercise.
4. Drink water and eat healthy and well-balanced meals.

For ideas for Older Adults keeping active check out these resources:
• Roll back the clock at home – Bowls Australia

• Exercises you can do at home – Sport Wellington

Need some exercise inspiration?
This Girl Can VIC have provided home exercise tips from everyday Victorian women staying active.

Read more here.


Don’t have any gym equipment at home?
This Girl Can VIC has got you covered.
Let one of their ambassadors, Natasha guide you through a new 30 minute chair-based workout targeting upper body and core.

#ThisGirlCanVIC #VicHealth #MoveMoreMay #GetActiveGV

Bike riding is a great way to exercise and socialise with friends and family at the same time. A gentle reminder to make sure your bike helmet is road-ready so you can enjoy your ride safely. Also, ensure you keep up social distancing requirements as it is a form of exercise permitted under the COVID-19 government guidelines.

Benefits to your health and fitness from bike riding:
▪️ Low impact – less likely to have an injury or strain
▪️ Increased cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility
▪️ Cycling can be a low intensity form of exercise or built up to a demanding and high intensity workout
▪️ A fun way to get fit outdoors
▪️ Time-efficient and as a mode of transport, cycling replaces sedentary time spent driving motor vehilces with healthy exercise
▪️ Decreases stress levels

Click here to check out this great Bike & Helmet Safety Checklist for children to learn about the important skills of inspecting your bike and fitting your helmet correctly before riding.

Special Olympics Australia Fit 5 program is a guide for physical activity, nutrition, and hydration. It can help improve your health and fitness from home!🙌🏼

To view the Fit 5 program, visit 

🆓 Netball Victoria have released Netball For All Flashcards to assist with the structuring of physical activity, while practicing physical distancing. They include instructions for a range of different activities including both netball skills and fitness that can be completed at home with minimal equipment! 🏐
💻 To download, print and cut them out, visit: https://vic.netball.com.au/netball-all-flashcards
Enjoy and have fun!