Local Community Shire Grants provide sporting clubs with a great opportunity to apply for funding assistance for a wide variety of project and program ideas in their local communities. Best of all, this funding comes directly from your respective Council organisation, meaning that their finances remain local and support the best interests of the local townships and clubs (being you!)

These grants can be great for small upgrades to your facilities, the implementation of programs and activities at your club or even to help you function better as a club and upskill in particular areas. Applying is easy, and most Councils’ offer information sessions to support you with your application, so be sure to check out all of the details below regarding which Council grants are currently open and when information sessions are being held.

Greater Shepparton: **

Moira: **

Benalla: **

Strathbogie: NOW OPEN – Until April 26 – https://strathbogie.vic.gov.au/community/community-funding/community-grants-program

Mansfield: **

Murrindindi: ONGOING – https://www.murrindindi.vic.gov.au/Our-Services/Grants/Murrindindi-Shire-Council-Grants-and-Contributions-Program

Mitchell: **

** Please note that Councils’ release local grants at various stages of the year, so be sure to check back regularly to see when your local Councils’ opportunities are available.