For club committees, administrators, members
volunteers, and parents there is an overwhelming amount of information to understand and implement in attempt to resume training and competition.  

Here at Valley Sport we have attempted to make your return to sport as straightforward as possible. Below are a few actions we recommend you take when planning for your return to play.  

: Download the COVIDSafe app to help slow the spread of the virus and keep Australians safe. 

: Nominate at least one COVID-19 Safety Coordinator 

The COVID-19 Safety Coordinator will be your key resource and central point of contact for all matters COVID-19 for your organisation. It is important that it is communicated to all members who the Safety Coordinator/s is and that the committee and members show support by adhering to the expectations and responsibilities in placeThe COVID-19 Safety Coordinator has a role to put safety measures in place, but it is a collaborative effort, and everyone has a responsibility in ensuring guidelines are followed. Check with your State Sporting Association whether Infection Control Training is required for the Safety Coordinator role.  

See more information for COVID-19 Safety Coordinator

See more information for Infection Control Training 

ActionMake sure you have a Covid-19 Safety Plan 

Sport Australia, Sport and Recreation Victoria and State Sporting Associations have provided templates for sporting organisations to complete. The plans purpose is to consolidate planning for the resumption of activities at your clubThe COVID-19 Safety Coordinator should oversee the planning and implementation of the plan Please make sure you have your plan reviewed by your State Sport Association to ensure the plan is complete with all the correct information and guidance. If you need any help with working through your safety plan, please make sure to contact Valley Sport directly or your State Sporting Association.   

See more information on the COVID-19 Safety Plan, Sport Aus

See more information on the Return to Play Plan, Sport and Rec Vic 


ActionHave a Checklist  

The Return to Sport Checklist for Clubs and Associations provides guidance on key considerations that ensure a safe return to play and club operations. There is a checklist for medium to large sporting organisations and a simplified checklist for smaller organisations.   

Some important actions sporting organisations should address include:  

Governance and Communication:  

  • Does everyone within your organisation understand their role 
  • Share timely and accurate information and plans with members.  


  • Have you considered or calculated how much the return to sport will cost the club and your participants?  



  • Has your local government and/or facility provider approved the return of sport and the use of your facilities? 
  • Has your committee approved the return of sport? 


Return to Training:  

  • Everyone is clear and has been communicated with and educated on the training protocols allowed i.e. “Get in, Train, Get Out” etc.  
  • Organisations will be required to keep attendance records 
  • Hygiene and cleaning protocols are in place and are communicated to members  


Mental Health  

  • Does your organisation facilitate and promote mental health and wellbeing support services for employees, volunteers and participants? 


See more informationReturn to Sport Checklist, Sport Aus 


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