Tomorrow Today is Benalla’s independent community foundation. They connect people, resources and ideas, to create a bright future for our great rural community. Grant funding for community projects is available as a result of generous donations to their Community Fund from local people and businesses.

Funding Available

Applications from local organisations and groups are invited for projects that enable residents to help build a stronger, more resilient and prosperous Benalla and district community

Applications for grants up to $5,000 will be accepted.


Priorities for the 2021 funding round are:

  • Building a stronger, more connected community through projects that meet these objectives: 
    • Addressing social disadvantage 
    • Promoting inclusion and increasing involvement in community 
    • Embracing community diversity
  • Improving social and educational outcomes for Benalla’s children and young people through projects that fit one or more of these objectives: 
    • Ensuring all children start school ready to learn 
    • Improving literacy and numeracy 
    • Increasing student wellbeing 
    • Improving student knowledge of careers and career pathways 
    • Building student aspiration 
  • Applications for great community-building projects that do not meet the priorities above will also be considered for funding.


BEFORE submitting an application, please contact Rosie Koop, Executive Officer of Tomorrow Today, on (03) 5762 1211 or e-mail rosiekoop@tomorrowtoday.com.au to discuss your proposal to ensure that it fits within our guidelines.

  1. Proposals must be for a recognised *Charitable purpose’ to meet our legal requirements.
  2. Sport is not considered a charitable activity. Applications from sporting organisations need to clearly demonstrate a benefit to the wider community. Examples of wider benefit are: programs that address disadvantage; and the advancement of education through programs run in connection with schools that are open to all students 
  3. The proposal cannot be a fundraising activity. Tomorrow Today does not subsidise fundraising activities. 
  4. The proposal cannot be a government project. Tomorrow Today does not fund projects that are the domain of government. However, if a government entity such as a school is undertaking a community activity (e.g. vegetable garden, or a community project) that is additional to their core purpose, then the activity may be considered for funding.
  5. Funding will not be considered for individuals, retrospective projects (i.e. those that have already occurred) or operational funding (i.e. ongoing expenses or recurrent costs).

To Apply

For more information, guideline or to apply, click here.

Applications close 5pm on the 8th April 2021

If you have any questions or would like assistance with your application, please contact (03) 5831 8456 or covid19@valleysport.net.au