Strategic planning is vital for sporting clubs and their future growth, improvement and existence. It provides a direction and pathway to your club’s key goals and outcomes that are agreed upon and sets out clear timelines and actions to ensure that your dreams become a reality. 

Your club’s strategic plan, along with it’s constitution, are the two most important documents and resources. They are important tools that can assist in ensuring financial stability, longevity, innovation and success both on and off the playing surface. Your strategic plan will also assist in finding a consensus between members on what you are working toward and can often provide a further sense of cohesion and team mentality within your committee and membership base.

Strategic Plans aren’t scary, or daunting. In fact, they’re quite the opposite. Constructed and followed correctly, they are designed to help ease the burden on members.

Valley Sport offer a comprehensive Strategic Planning service, designed and catering specifically for the Goulburn Valley. Our staff have real time knowledge of what is affecting sport within the local area and our strong links with local councils, state sporting associations and the Victorian Government give us the best insight into the most effective way forward for your club.

Our team offer intensive support throughout the strategic planning process, consulting regularly with your club, committee and members. Over a six month period, our expert staff will deliver workshops, conduct surveys and needs analysis’ and hold focus groups with your entire club to gather information and data to support your Strategic Plan. 

The review that takes place is as comprehensive as it gets. We analyse your club’s policies, facilities, membership data and financials to construct a Strategic Plan that fit’s your club, rather than placing you in a one size fits all template.

We will link your committee, your local council and your state sporting association together and work as a collective to complete the plan and ensure that teamwork and collaboration occurs through the entirety of the 5-year plan.

The plan will assist your club in improving your culture, finances, memberships, facilities and participation rates through easy to use checklists and action plans. Our team of Project Officers are here with you from start to finish, providing support as you implement Strategic Plan and will continue working intensively with your club to ensure that all outcomes are obtained. 

If you or your club would like further information on Valley Sport’s Strategic Planning service or would like assistance in applying for a grant to obtain a plan, then please email us.