Has your club ever been stuck on where to start with a grant application? Been unsure about what policies or procedures you should have in place? Or even just wanted to bounce some ideas off someone who has some experience in the club space? If so, then a Shire Day visit from a Valley Sport team member might be exactly what you are looking for.

A ‘Shire Day’ is simply a particular day of each month that a Valley Sport team member sets aside exclusively for catching up with clubs and associations in person to sit down and discuss anything that a club might need some extra assistance or help with in their general day-to-day operations. This could include things such as grant opportunities and application tips, policy and procedure implementation, facility and assets discussions, committee structure or even upskilling your club in specific club improvement programs, just to name a few. A Valley Sport team member will meet you at your club, or even over a coffee if you prefer, making it extremely convenient to arrange for all clubs.

It’s as simple as contacting the Valley Sport team member who corresponds with the local Council area that your club resides in, arranging a time with them to catch up, and then you’re on your way.

Best of all, a Shire Day catch up is completely free, so what do you have to lose!?
See below the date which corresponds with your local government area, the contact person for this day, and get in touch to avoid missing out! Be sure to keep checking back regularly for when your next Shire Day is taking place.

Mansfield:                           Thursday March 21                             (Nadia – nadia@valleysport.net.au)
Greater Shepparton:          Wednesday February 27                     (Kayla – kayla@valleysport.net.au)
Mitchell:                              Wednesday April 17                           (Jarryd – jarryd@valleysport.net.au)
Benalla:                                                                                    (Michael – Michael@valleysport.net.au)
Moira:                                                                                       (Michael – michael@valleysport.net.au) Strathbogie:                        Thursday March 7                               (Kayla – kayla@valleysport.net.au)  Murrindindi:                        Friday April 12                                   (Jarryd – jarryd@valleysport.net.au)

Please note that this database is updated as regularly as possible, but if your Shire doesn’t have a date, or the date has already passed, then please contact the person responsible for your area, or call the team at the Valley Sport office on 5831 8456 for more info or to arrange a time.