One of the most popular grants for sporting clubs and associations in Victoria is now open for the second time in 2019, with the VicHealth Active Club Grants back up for grabs.

Grants of up to $3000 are available to all sporting clubs and associations who have a need and strategy to address key areas of club participation – female participation and social or modified sport. Thrown into the mix this time is the opportunity for clubs to apply for an optional additional $2000 in order to become a “This Girl Can Campaign Supporter”, where you will be involved in spreading the word and message around gender equality and female participation in sport at your club.

There are also 12 grants available for up to $10,000 which are directed towards large clubs (over 200 members) where a larger and greater impact could be expected.

These grants are very popular due to their broad nature and simplicity when it comes to applying, making them very attainable and achievable for all clubs across the region. As always, Valley Sport project officers are more than happy to assist you in your application and help to make it the best that it can be, whether it be help with getting started, or just to have a look over a draft submission and providing some feedback, we want to see you succeed!

Feel free to contact your respective Valley Sport project officer at any stage to discuss further or seek any help on your application. Or contact the office on 5831 8456 if you would like to be put in touch.

Check out the page for the VicHealth Active Club Grants HERE