Did you know you don’t have to complete your 30 minutes all in one go?

You can complete todays activity in the comfort of your own chair at home, at school or in
the office, by taking short breaks throughout the day to try some of these chair exercises:

Chair workouts
Seated workouts 
Neck exercises

This challenge should boost your energy and help keep you feeling good throughout the day.

You could try juggling tennis balls or soccer balls! Or even have a go at juggling with a safe object found around the house!


Today you could turn a normal walk into a treasure hunt!

Have a go and choose a bingo sheet that suits you or you can get creative
and make your own! And try to complete every bingo activity whist you go for a walk, run or
bike ride (remember to stay safe!)

Mindful Walking Bingo 

Get Active Victoria Walking Games

To celebrate International Day of People With a Disability, why not check out the fun Bowl At Home series by BowlAbilities.