Valley Sport has partnered with VicHealth and Regional Sport Victoria to showcase Doing Sport Differently by delivering a Social Sixes program.

The Social Sixes program was a partnership between Valley Sport, Cricket Victoria and the Shepparton/ Youth Club United Cricket Club and aimed to increase participation in cricket, particularly for women and girls.

Delivering a social participation program, such as Social Sixes, provides an opportunity for people to try new sports or continue to participate in a fun and social atmosphere. By partnering with a local club to deliver a social participation program, a pathway is created for those participants who are interested in transitioning into more competitive opportunities.

“We make sure they have a female cricket team so then we get new friends and feel a bit more comfortable” explained Nick from Cricket Victoria when questioned about the approach.

Social participation programs also provide opportunity for social connection and increasing mental health and wellbeing. Maxine from the Shepparton/ Youth Club United Cricket Club stated “It’s great for mental health, and you’re getting out there and engaging with other people”.

VicHealth is a long-term partner of Valley Sport, and this project is a great example of implementing the Doing Sport Differently Principle 5 – Participants need a clear pathway for retention or transition as their skill, fitness, or interest changes. You can find more about the Doing Sport Differently principles here.

Social participation programs and the Doing Sport Differently principles were created to help clubs and organisations to attract, engage, and retain less active Victorians in sport. People may be less active due to a number of reasons including time commitments, change of life circumstances and prior experiences.

“We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome to be active in their community. VicHealth is excited to support Valley Sport to provide more diverse and social activities in the Goulburn Valley,” said VicHealth CEO Dr Sandro Demaio.

Valley Sport can assist clubs with designing and delivering social participation programs to engage and retain new or less active participants using the Doing Sport Differently Principles.

To find out more information contact us via the Valley Sport website at or call us on 5831 8456.