Volunteering at your local sport and recreation club can take many shapes and forms and there are a number of volunteer opportunities available, including

  • Bar/Canteen Operations
  • Sports Trainer
  • Timekeeper
  • Umpire
  • Coach 
  • Committee Member
  • Working Bees

The Benefits of Volunteering

Research has found a number of different benefits associated with volunteering in sport, including:

  • Positive benefits for an individuals physical, social and mental wellbeing 
  • Increase in life satisfaction
  • Greater community connection
  • Increased rates of youth participation in sport

More information can be found on the Clearinghouse for Sport website here

Getting Involved

The best way that you can become involved in a local sport and recreation club is by contacting the club directly, this can be done in a number of ways.

  • Contacting a club committee member via phone or email. Eg President, Secretary, Coach or Team Manager.
  • Look for contact details on the club website/social media or message the club’s social media page directly.
  • Let them know what role you are willing to volunteer in or that you’re willing to help wherever needed.
  • Complete the expression of interest form below and Valley Sport can help best match you with a local club.

Flood Recovery

The devastating floods have left clubs across Victoria with a large clean up task ahead of them. If you’re individual looking to assist a local club with cleaning up their facilities please complete the survey below.

Alternatively if your a club looking for more volunteers to assist with the clean up, Valley Sport will share your need for assistance on our social media platforms and local community contacts.