Regional Sport Victoria 

Regional Sport Victoria (RSV) is the peak body that provides advocacy and leadership for nine Regional Sports Assemblies (RSA) across the state of Victoria. RSV provides a platform for collaborative strategic thinking and RSA program development which supports the transfer of information, support and club development opportunities for the sports sector in Regional Victoria.

With a unified position RSV is able to positively support our funding partners and provide a service not replicated in any other state or territory across Australia.  By supporting community sport and recreation in Regional Victoria, sporting clubs have access to training, information, advice, skill development, linkages and advocacy support.

RSV works across 48 local government authorities in Victoria, who cover a population of 1.5 million Victorians.   The organisation has 8,500 community based sport and recreation clubs within the Regional boundary.

In Regional Victoria the organisation is: 

  • Connected to local sport and recreation clubs
  • Delivering State Government and peak body funded programs
  • Facilitating and delivering training, support and advice to community sport and recreation clubs and their volunteers
  • Advocating and contributing to local sport and recreation planning
  • Independent and stand alone
  • The deliverers of

This level of support and assistance is a unique asset for Victoria. No other sporting body in the country has the capacity to deliver services in this coordinated manner.

Map and Statistics

Geographical Coverage: 214,500 Square Kilometres (90% of Victoria)

Population Reach: 1,500,000 Victorians

Regional Presence: 9 Regions with 17 regional offices across Victoria

Club Connections: 8,500 sporting and recreation clubs within the regional boundary

Partnerships: State and regional partnerships across sport, health, education, business and government

Skills: Training (delivering, co-ordinating, developing); providing advice and information; advocacy; networking and project delivery

Capacity: Able to reach out to grass roots clubs, develop club and volunteer capacity, promote health benefits of physical activity and foster new partnerships, across regional Victoria