Valley Sport works to:

  • Support clubs through policy creation and implementation 
  • Support clubs through committee changes
  • Assist clubs and councils to plan for facility upgrades
  • Help clubs and leagues with conflict management and resolution
  • Support clubs with marketing and promotional strategies
  • Ensure local clubs abide by laws and regulations like e.g child safe standards and liquor licencing
  • Support clubs seek funding and grants to improve their facilities and help launch their ideas

Our team are locals and understand that sporting clubs are the lifeblood of the local community. We work intensively to support strong and viable futures for the over 500 clubs that call the Goulburn Valley home.

Our support for local sport clubs can assist committees in policy creation and implementation, strategic and long-term planning, boosting participation, growing the club’s profile and ensuring correct governance procedures are followed. We can provide support for new clubs and committees who may need guidance as they begin their journey within community sport.

Through partnerships with local government areas and State Sporting Associations we can advocate on behalf of and work with local clubs to assist all parties in planning and working towards facility upgrades through strong outlined future planning. Our unique position within local sport provides us with the best position to get positive outcomes for all parties within the region.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, our team guides clubs, councils and committees through grant applications to help secure funding for projects and equipment that supports a stronger and more sustainable local sporting community. Through workshops and one-on-one support we share our tips and tricks of successful grant writing while helping prospective grant seekers find the appropriate grant to meet their needs. Our aid doesn’t stop there, once the grant application is submitted, we provide a guiding hand throughout the entire process to help club volunteers meet the requirements of funders after a grant has been received.

With our strong connections to the Victorian State Government and VicHealth we aid clubs in the implementation of new laws and strategies designed to protect and safeguard Victorian sport and recreation and those who participate. We work intensively within the local community to ensure that compliance is met and every club provides a safe and welcoming environment to adults and children of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and beliefs.

If you or your club would like further information on Valley Sport’s services or would like assistance in applying for a grant to obtain a plan, then please click HERE to contact us.