Valley Sport works to:

  • Encourage the community to participate in formal or informal physical activity
  • Encourage people to consume alcohol responsibly within a sporting club setting – GOOD SPORTS
  • Encourage clubs to offer healthier choices at their canteens
  • Offer club members the opportunity to receive sports medicine training to ensure a safe game day for participants (e.g. First Aid, Sport Trainer)

Valley Sport believes that participation in sport and active recreation is a pathway to better health and community connection.

Our organisation believes that healthy lifestyles can be influenced through off the field aspects at sporting clubs as well. We provide a guiding hand to assist clubs in in meeting their legal and ethical requirements when it comes to the service and consumption of alcohol within a sporting club setting. Valley Sport Project Officers will assist your club every step of the way as your club meets the appropriate levels of compliance through sourcing the correct liquor licence, enforcing your red line plan and ensuring your club members receive nationally recognised Responsible Service of Alcohol training.