Change Our Game, one of the leading advocates for the growth and development of sport and recreational opportunities for women and girls, have just released a brand new resource for clubs
which provides some helpful insights and strategies to help recruit females to participate at a club, as well as looking more long term into the retention of these females in further participation and leadership opportunities.

Female participation in sport is at an all time high in Australia, but there is still a lot of room for more growth within regional Victoria. This new resource illustrates how you can look to make your club more appealing to women and girls, including what kinds of things to consider, be aware of and establish to meet current “best practice standards” that have been established by Change Our Game.

It’s one thing to get females participating in your club on a regular basis, but a whole different thing to ensure that they are still involved in the club for many years to come. Change Our Game have addressed this aspect very well in their resource and provide many different ways of looking at retention at a club level, what has worked in clubs already and where to get started in the process.

You can find the resource at the Change Our Game website by clicking HERE.

Along with this resource, the team at Valley Sport are very passionate about seeing as many women and girls playing and/or involved in the administration and running of sporting clubs as possible, and our team is more than happy to assist you in working towards your female participation goals. Feel free to contact us today to discuss this further and get the ball rolling!