Valley Sport are proud to announce our 2022 partnership with Tackle Your Feelings.

Tackle Your Feelings is a collaboration between the AFL Coaches Association, the AFL Players Association, Zurich Financial Services Australia and the Z Zurich Foundation.

Tackle Your Feelings is a free program which aims to provide community coaches with the tools to understand, recognise and manage their response to signs of mental health in their players.

The program was inspired by a mental health education program developed for AFL professional coaches and players and consists of a face-to-face presentation from a psychologist and additional online learning.

Tackle Your Feeling ambassadors Leon Cameron, Alastair Clarkson, Neville Jetta, Kara Antonio and Dylan Buckley feature throughout the video content within the program.

Five Tackle Your Feelings workshops were delivered throughout Valley Sport’s catchment area in 2021. Valley Sport look forward to delivering  partnership with Tackle Your Feelings and being able to deliver Mental Health education.

Clubs who are interested in finding out more about the Tackle Your Feelings program, please contact Tristan on 5831 8456 or email: